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Our experts at Grant Thornton Austria serve companies and organisations across Austria in a wide range of sectors and industries. Unlock the advantages of our expertise, extensive experience, profound industry insights and our global network. 

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We have set our focus on the following sectors:

Our Industries

Energy & Resources

Energy markets worldwide are undergoing major changes. Grant Thornton can help you understand and navigate the challenges, and make sure you have the solutions you’ll need to capitalise on opportunities to unlock your potential for growth.

Financial Services

Optimism is slowly returning to the global economy, but the financial services industry needs to regain the trust of public and private bodies. To succeed, forward-thinking organisations must examine every part of their business. The trick is to turn challenges into opportunities, and Grant Thornton can help you to achieve this.

Real Estate & Construction

While the impact of the prolonged downturn continues to be felt, pockets of opportunity and optimism have emerged within the retail estate and construction industry. At Grant Thornton, it’s our goal to help you benefit from these opportunities and unlock your potential for growth.

Not for profit

Across the globe, not for profit organisations are increasingly expected to deliver more, while at the same time facing cuts in government funding and voluntary giving. We understand the commitment and scrutiny within this sector and will work with you to meet these challenges.

Public sector

Across the globe, countries are moving towards leaner, more commercial, locally focused and responsive government and public sectors. At Grant Thornton, we are perfectly placed to help your organisation deliver this vision in the longer term.


As soon as a start-up grows, it should outsource tasks in order to concentrate on its core competence. This increases productivity. Costs, on the other hand, are being reduced. With the help of outsourcing you can concentrate on the essential tasks, especially if it is a start-up and fixed costs are to be kept low.


Rapid change and complexity are norms, and innovation the fuel in the technology industry. Today’s revolutions – including cloud, as-a-service, social media and the internet of things – will be soon followed by new innovations. At Grant Thornton, we’ll work with you to capitalise on all the opportunities and to manage the inherent risks the industry has to offer, and help you stay one step ahead.

Tourism, Travel & Leisure

As one of the most important sectors for Austria, tourism contributes a considerable share to value creation. At the same time, the industry is under increasing competitive pressure and a flood of legal regulations. In order to be successful in this industry, which is characterized by constantly changing trends, it is necessary to focus on your core business.