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Transfer pricing

The focus of our consulting activities is on your optimal transfer pricing.

Our aim is to examine the possibilities and restrictions for transfer pricing in the run-up to an international investment or structural decision and to provide a sound basis for decision-making.

An increasing tightening of legal requirements regarding the determination and documentation of transfer prices can be observed worldwide. States are intensifying their efforts and, through their tax authorities, are noticeably tightening their procedures in tax audits in order to secure their tax revenues.

Companies are often quickly pilloried in the media. For internationally operating companies, provisions on transfer prices at arm's length therefore represent a decisive success factor in the organisation of cross-border trade in goods and services - with possibly considerable effects on the group tax rate.

In Austria, the 2010 transfer pricing guidelines must be observed, but also the transfer pricing guidelines of the countries in which your group is still active. This can sometimes result in exciting legal challenges. Anyone who fails to comply with statutory documentation requirements may face sanctions ranging from estimated transfer prices to penalties.

If, on the other hand, you make optimal use of the existing scope for action, you can significantly reduce your group tax rate and avoid lengthy proceedings with the tax authorities.

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Transfer pricing and transfer pricing documentation

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