Why Outsourcing?

The growth and success of your company depends largely on how much time and space you can devote to your core competence. If, for example, accounting, payroll accounting or global mobility services are not part of your core competence, it makes sense to outsource these areas from your operational processes and place them in the professional hands of a competent partner.

Grant Thornton Austria will take over administrative, organisational and accounting tasks for you as an external service provider. Our services in the areas of bookkeeping and financial accounting, preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements, payroll services, tax compliance and global mobility services are tailored to your exact needs and enable you to save time and energy for the essentials. In this way, we create the freedom you need to concentrate fully on your core competence. At the same time, you increase productivity and can reduce costs.

Which solution suits you?

Reducing costs sounds promising, but the path to achieving it is not always easy. Does your payroll department discuss overtime payments personally with all department heads? Your controlling department needs live data, not monthly, but hourly? Can an external provider also provide this?

With complex or highly interwoven processes, the decision must be well prepared. Together with you, we analyse how your accounting or payroll accounting is currently organised. Which functions must remain within the company for an efficient process (bridgehead functions)? What additional tasks do those responsible perform? What interfaces are there to other systems?

Control over important functions is not given up lightly. The decision to outsource is a good opportunity to take a step back and ask yourself how the current processes fit into the corporate strategy. Where do you invest time in the wrong place? Where do you see potential for optimization?

Once we have understood how you work and what goals you want to achieve through outsourcing, we will present you with the solution approaches that are right for you.

Do you have any questions about our offer or would you like to learn more about our services in this area? We are at your disposal with pleasure.