New business areas, strong financial or strategic partners, concentration on core competencies, company succession: Whatever your reasons for buying or selling companies or restructuring your financing, we support you throughout the entire transaction process.

A large number of complex, business management questions arise in connection with transactions. The outcome is decisive for the future development of the company. Since the interests of the parties are usually different, a factually sound analysis is a prerequisite for safeguarding the interests. It is our professional claim to have a clear understanding of the initial situation and the interests of the parties represented and to pursue these consistently and with the necessary pragmatism until the conclusion of a transaction. In addition to our transaction support services, our experts from related fields of consultancy, in particular M&A, valuation and tax structuring advice, are of course also available to you.

As a member of Grant Thornton International Ltd, we can use all resources to provide competent advice to internationally active companies far beyond the borders of neighbouring countries.

Grant Thornton supports you with the following consulting services:


Services Vendor-Side

Exit Readiness

A transaction should be preceded by an in-depth business analysis of the company. The aim is to identify value-determining factors and to optimise the economic success of the planned transaction by controlling these factors in a targeted manner. In this phase, we work with intelligent tools with which we process, analyse and visualise mass data from the financial and logistical area of the company.

Business planning

The basis for a sales process or the raising of financing is an integrated planning calculation consisting of planned income statements, planned balance sheets and liquidity planning. We advise you on the preparation of an integrated plan, on the verification of existing plans and their further development into an integrated budgeting and on the reporting of your business plan.

Advice on the sales structure

Before a company is sold or an investor is brought in, the corporate structure must be optimised. In addition to the immediate tax consequences of the transaction for both seller and buyer, issues such as the future deductibility of borrowing costs or ensuring the distributability of future cash flows must be considered. In order to increase the economic success, it may be advisable to structure the object of the transaction by shifting assets.

Company presentations, investment memorandum

We support you in the preparation of company presentations and investment memoranda, which serve as a basis for the search for investors/foreign capital providers. The structure and content of company presentations and investment memoranda are developed in close cooperation between our consulting team and the company.

Vendor Due Diligence/Financial Factbook

Prior to a planned transaction, we conduct due diligence surveys in the area of financials and tax on behalf of the seller. We show you possible weak points and develop solutions together with you. We clearly prepare data and facts about your company, which potential buyers should receive in advance or during a due diligence. Furthermore, we support you by providing and technical administration of a virtual data room as well as its content structure and coordination of the Q&A process.

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Services Buy-Side

Financial and tax due diligence

The objective of due diligence is to identify and quantify possible risks. In doing so, we increasingly rely on data analytics for a deeper insight and better risk assessment. We will be happy to advise you on how to handle these risks in the further transaction process.

IT Due Diligence

Business models are increasingly being mapped digitally. The IT infrastructure is therefore increasingly important for business success. We also offer the implementation of a due diligence survey of the IT environment.

Advice on the acquisition structure

The structure of the acquisition of a company is often determined by the seller. However, it is also possible/necessary on the buyer's side, for example to optimise the financing of the transaction and the realisation of the purchase price or to minimise the liability of the buyer.

Financial Reporting

Based on the company data processed with our data analytics tools during the due diligence process, we can ensure regular reporting during a transition phase after completion of the due diligence.

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General services

Coordination with foreign countries

Grant Thornton is represented in almost all relevant countries by local companies, which also ensure the necessary expertise in all the above-mentioned areas. One of Grant Thornton's key requirements is to work together on an international level. In the case of international contracts, we act as a single point of contact for our clients, coordinating with the foreign companies. Especially in the SEE/CEE region this cooperation is strengthened by regular collaborations.

Transaction support

For the handling of a transaction process, we take over the project management or accompany the project in close coordination with a person from your company. Furthermore, we also support you in contract negotiations and drafting in cooperation with the appointed lawyer.

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