Our collaborative approach creates dynamic teams with a range of financial, commercial and operational backgrounds.

Whether your organization is looking to buy or sell a company, or even if an initial public offering (IPO) is planned, only a task-driven and profound consultation can help you to assess and better quantify risks and rewards related to such a transaction. We analyse the target company with regard to the economic, financial and/or tax situation and support and advise you in an acquisition process as well as in a selling process.

As a member firm of the Grant Thornton network we have access to all the resources needed. As an international network, we can therefore provide expert advice across borders.

We can help you understand the value drivers behind successful transactions.

Our solutions

We support you throughout the transaction process – helping achieve the best possible outcome at the point of the transaction and in the longer term. Our teams offer specialist solutions in the following areas:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Business Succession

Due Diligence

As part of the tax due diligence we analyze and evaluate the tax opportunities and risks associated with the transaction and examine the current tax status as well as special tax risks. Our objective is to identify transaction concepts, which minimize your  fiscal burden.

The financial due diligence includes a detailed and systematic analysis of net assets, financial status and profit situation of the target company. The aim is to obtain an overall picture of the historical developments as well as the plausibility appraisal of the corporate planning.

Within the framework of a commercial due diligence, we investigate the market and the market positioning of the target as well as the competition. Our purpose is to review the sustainability of the business model.    

As the seller of a business or a part of a company you are looking to avoid surprises and therefore initiate a vendor due diligence. We provide you with the support that will be needed for a fast, efficient and smooth disposal of your company. The aim is to detect weaknesses at an early stage and to develop individual solutions. Our clear reporting provides a data basis for information to the potential buyer or for the valuation of a company.

Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Buying and selling companies provide opportunities for the future, but at the same time they represent among the riskiest decisions an entrepreneur has to take. The decisive factors for a successful transaction are a comprehensive, interdisciplinary know-how and the proper control of the information-flow as well as a consistent project management.

We support you during all phases of a business transaction with our extensive range of services:

  • Design of business transactions
  • Search for partners/investors
  • Conduct of negotiations and their conclusion
  • Structuring of financing measures
  • Preparation of "Closing"

Business succession

A successful business succession depends on very specific know-how of the structure of medium-sized companies and their legal framework. Taking into account specific features of the corporate, inheritance and family law, we make every effort to find the ideal solutions for you.

Our range of services includes:

  • National and international consulting on legal, tax and business issues
  • Consultancy on the structuring of a family business
  • Consulting on private property succession

To learn more about our transaction support services contact us at  contact@at.gt.com