Every company is unique. Each valuation assignment requires an understanding of the individual solutions and a knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements. Take advantage of our many years of practical experience and of our professional expertise.

Valuations are a core competence of Grant Thornton Austria. As auditors and tax advisors we combine profound know-how with our practical experience to offer you customized solutions for your valuation assignment. Our industry expertise is based on years of services to our clients, including listed companies as well as owner-managed companies with an international focus. We advise on valuation matters related to arbitration and provide expert opinions.

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Our solutions

We support you with valuations according to national or international standards and offer the following services:

  • Transaction-related valuation
  • Objectified enterprise value
  • Fairness opinions
  • Accounting-related valuation assignment
  • Arbitration and expert opinion
  • Real estate valuation 

Transaction-related valuation

A change in the ownership structure is the most common  reason for business valuations. Corporate transactions and corporate restructuring measures affect  both the company itself and the asset position of the shareholders. Grant Thornton offers you support in all valuation-relevant matters.

Typical transaction-based valuation assignments are:

  • Acquisition  and sale of businesses
  • Incorporations
  • Mergers
  • Non-cash contributions of assets
  • Determination of exchange ratios in  connection with a merger or demerger
  • Squeeze-out of shareholders
  • Indemnity payments to shareholders
  • Other corporate contracts

As your consultant or as a neutral  expert, we determine enterprise values, exchange ratios  as well as indemnity payments to  shareholders. Furthermore, we provide opinions  as out-of-court appointed experts.

Objectified enterprise value

The objectified enterprise value represents a value largely independent of  individual views and assumptions. It represents a core element  of the applicable Austrian Standard KFS/BW 1 of the Austrian Chamber of Public  Accountants and Tax Advisors.

It is a  value derived from expected  future earnings, which is based on the going concern assumption and  represents a value based on the current strategic concept of the company as  well as on the company’s financial position and on market opportunities and  –risks. The enterprise value is objectified by using a market based approach and  therefore is to a certain extent comparable to the market value.

We offer you support by determining  objectified enterprise values in accordance with applicable Austrian standards  on valuation.

Fairness Opinion

A fairness opinion is usually  required in connection with business decisions. As part of a fairness opinion,  we evaluate the financial adequacy of a purchase price or of a result of an  entrepreneurial decision-making process and document this evaluation for you.

Accounting-related valuation assignments

In international  accounting fair values ​​are becoming increasingly important.  We support you with our profound valuation and accounting expertise,  particularly in the following accounting-related valuation assignments:

Purchase Price Allocation

According to IFRS 3, when acquiring a business, a revaluation of the identified  assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities is required. This so called  Purchase Price Allocation includes the  the  identification and valuation of  newintangible  assets. For example, customer relationships, trademarks and technology have to  be valuated and recognized in the balance sheet. We offer advisory on all  matters related to Purchase Price Allocations and support you e.g. in determining   fair values.

Impairment test

Impairment tests have become a key issue in international accounting..  Individual assets or cash generating units are tested for impairment. Common  applications include impairment tests for goodwill. Depending on the structure  of the reporting entity, the implementation and the design of impairment  testing can be complicated and complex. We advise and support you in designing  and implementing impairment tests.

Arbitration and expert opinions on  valuation matters

In arbitration a core task of an expert opinion on valuation (matters) is  to provide a fair balance of interests between two parties in a conflict  situation. Thus, valuation takes into account particular circumstances as well  as different point of views of the parties involved. The objective is to  determine a value on which decisions and accordingly a reasonable settlement  can be derived.

Typical valuation assignments include:

  • valuation services based on contractual arbitration clauses
  • expert opinion on valuation matters in arbitration

As your consultant or as an independent expert,  we support you in (extra) judicial disputes  and provide you with expert  opinions. We offer the expertise of our expert witnesses.

Real estate valuation

Real estate valuation might be relevant due to transactions or for internal reasons,  e.g. in the event of internal restructuring projects.

Depending on the type of property and  the scope of service, we offer you services provided by our valuation  team or by our partners in the real estate industry.  We guarantee that you will benefit from our profound knowledge on valuation methodology as well as on the real estate  market.