Every company is unique. Each valuation assignment requires an understanding of the individual solutions and a knowledge of the legal and regulatory requirements. Take advantage of our many years of practical experience and of our professional expertise.

Valuations are a core competence of Grant Thornton Austria. As auditors and tax advisors we combine profound know-how with our practical experience to offer you customized solutions for your valuation assignment. Our industry expertise is based on years of services to our clients, including listed companies as well as owner-managed companies with an international focus. We advise on valuation matters related to arbitration and provide expert opinions.

Our Solutions

Restructuring under company law

Changes in the ownership structure are the most common reasons for company valuations. As your advisor or neutral expert in the context of transactions, we determine the value of a company and assist in the establishment of companies, capital increases in kind, conclusion of company agreements, conversions, squeeze-outs and other transactions under stock corporation and conversion law. In these contexts, we determine for you company values, exchange ratios, cash compensation or compensation payments for the shareholders. In the aforementioned activities, we can also act as court-appointed auditors and have extensive experience in this area, including hearings in appraisal rights proceedings.

Fairness opinion

We assess the financial adequacy of a purchase price or the result of a business decision process and document this assessment for you. We also assess the offered price in connection with statements by the management and supervisory boards of target companies on public acquisition and takeover offers pursuant to Section 27 WpÜG.

Accounting related valuations

The increasing importance of fair values in accounting requires sound valuation and accounting knowledge in financial reporting. We support you with solutions for purchase price allocation/purchase price allocation, valuation of intangible assets, impairment test.

Arbitration and party expertises

We support you in the context of judicial or extrajudicial disputes, for example to determine the amount of loss.

Inheritance and succession planning, compensation in family law

We prepare valuations for succession arrangements outside the family, for company succession and for changes in shareholders.

Property valuation

The valuation of real estate can be relevant in the context of transactions or just for internal restructuring.

Depending on the type of property and your assignment, we can support you in determining the value of your property with our valuation team or together with our cooperation partner from the real estate industry. We ensure that you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the valuation methodology and the market.

Why Grant Thornton?

We present complex cause-effect relationships in individual models and thus offer you tailor-made solutions. We support you with evaluations according to national or international standards in all evaluation-relevant questions. Depending on your individual reason for valuation, we will act for you as consultants, auditors, neutral experts or arbitrators.

In our valuations, you benefit from our many years of practical experience, high level of professional expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Do you have questions about our offer or would you like to learn more about our services in this area? We are gladly at your disposal.