Companies start new activities and separate from old ones, cooperate and merge. Markets and competitive conditions are subject to constant and increasingly rapid change. As a result, existing business models are changing. Some companies have to restructure and reorganize. But new business opportunities also open up. 

Apart from legal and fiscal optimisation, success factors are above all the correct coordination of the information flow and consistent project management. We support our clients during all phases of a corporate transaction on the buyer or seller side and guarantee professional transaction management.


Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Conception of the transaction strategy including tax and legal aspects
  • Preparation/plausibility check of business plan / (integrated) financial model
  • Creation or evaluation of information memoranda
  • Creation of "Long Lists" / "Short Lists" taking into account the transaction-specific objectives
  • Implementation of Due Diligences / Vendor Due Diligences
  • Determination of value indications
  • Structuring, management and monitoring of the entire transaction process
  • Data room management
  • Support during contract negotiations
  • Tax and corporate transaction structuring
  • Pre & Post Deal Support


Beyond that we offer you:

Transaction recovery

In the course of a transaction process, problems can arise that do not allow a continuation. Due to our comprehensive range of services, we are able to identify and analyse sources of error and show ways for a successful continuation of the transaction.

Target coaching

Corporate transactions are often exceptional situations for medium-sized companies. We know from experience that the M&A process in this segment cannot be applied in a standardized way. If, for example, an identified company has the intention to sell, but is not ready to do so due to insufficient data provision or unstructured data documentation, we also support the target company with formal and procedural assistance. Our aim is to adhere to the time-related planning with regard to the transaction process or to accelerate the achievement of a decision-relevant information basis in the process.


Why Grant Thornton?

The process integration of our various service lines enables us to address a wide range of issues and develop an optimal understanding of the transaction project in question. At the same time, in addition to the competencies, we also have the necessary capacities to ensure a comprehensive analysis for decision-making in the process, to identify or master "deal breakers" and thus contribute to the optimal achievement of objectives in the transaction process.