Grant Thornton Austria – A valuable partner at every stage of your property's life

Particularly in uncertain times, investing in stable assets has proven its worth. Real estate has always been regarded as a secure investment, and in recent years it has experienced a surge in popularity as an investment vehicle. However, a complex and constantly evolving legal framework now makes it essential to collaborate closely with tax experts at various stages of a property's life cycle - during the acquisition phase, throughout operational management, and in the exit phase.

Due to our extensive experience in providing national and international guidance to large real estate companies, property developers, and private property owners (including private foundations), our experts can serve as knowledgeable partners in all aspects of real estate taxation.

Our Services

Counselling in the acquisition phase

  • Buy-side tax due diligence for the acquisition of real estate through (i) the takeover of shares in real estate companies (share deal) or through (ii) the direct purchase of real estate (asset deal).
  • Tax structuring and optimisation of real estate investments and their financing (pre- and post-acquisition restructurings)
  • Preparation of business management and tax planning calculations (including "Liebhaberei" check) for target properties
  • Business management and tax review of real estate offers in the private sector (retirement flats, builder-owner models, etc)
  • Tax structuring for the purchase of foreign real estate or the acquisition of domestic real estate through foreign structures
  • Advice on land transfer tax, fees and turnover tax in connection with the acquisition of real estate

Operational Management

  • Tax advice during the operational phase (redevelopment, refurbishment, etc)
  • Ongoing compliance for real estate companies as well as private individuals with direct real estate investments (including support during tax audits)
  • Advice on fees and turnover taxes

Consultancy in the exit phase

  • Sell-side tax due diligence for the sale of real estate through (i) transfer of shares in real estate companies (share deal) or through (ii) direct sale of real estate (asset deal).
  • Support in the valuation of real estate by our valuation specialists (also by certified real estate experts) and clarification of the related tax issues
  • Tax optimisation in the sale of real estate (pre- and post-sale-acquisition restructurings)
  • Advice on land transfer tax, fees and turnover tax in the course of the transfer of real estate


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