We support you in developing growth strategies for a sustainably successful future and in maximizing the potential of your brand.

Unless a company exclusively pursues a strategy of cost leadership, it should have a unique selling proposition in order to be able to grow profitably on the market in the long term. In a market environment in which abundance has replaced scarcity, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to clearly differentiate themselves from the competition.


Strategy as guide to sustainable growth

In many years of serving our clients, we have realized that every company is unique and has a wide range of extraordinary capabilities. In most cases, the challenges companies face are not based on a lack of competencies or an inadequate offering. It is often due to a missing strategy that provides internal and external orientation and expresses the company’s own strengths in the best possible way.

Strategy means clarity. Clarity about what mission I am pursuing as a company, what I stand for, what I can and cannot deliver, where I want to develop and how I will get there.


The brand as a strategic management tool

A medium that expresses the core competencies of a company in a condensed form and conveys what a company stands for is the brand.

A strategically managed brand enables companies to achieve clear differentiation from their competitors and to increase their attractiveness and desirability among consumers. In addition, a strong brand empowers companies to achieve higher prices, retain customers and employees in the long term, and optimize marketing efficiency. Attractive brands boost product and company value, raise market share and convey security, orientation and trust to consumers.

The brand is not just a visual surface (logo, design, slogan, etc.), but an extremely efficient and continuously demanding management tool that accelerates the implementation of the corporate strategy and is integrated into all areas of the company.

The corporate and brand strategy are thus the responsibility of top management and integral components of corporate governance.


Corporate & Brand Strategy Services


Corporate Strategy

Strategy Audit: We analyze and evaluate your existing corporate strategy and derive clear and practical recommendations for action for your future corporate management.

  • Corporate identity: We consolidate the character and culture of your company and manifest them in the form of core values.
  • Corporate purpose: We define the higher mission of your company with which you want to enrich your environment.
  • Corporate goals: We formulate strategic goals for your company as well as a motivating vision of the future that will provide guidance for your future actions.
  • Corporate strength: We identify the core competencies of your company and thus create the basis for your sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Corporate alignment: We determine which strategic alignment is most suitable for your company, considering your core competencies as well as current market conditions.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Audit: We analyze and evaluate your brand from an internal and external perspective and derive a range of recommendations for action for your future brand management.

  • Brand personality: We define what your brand stands for and with which attributes it should be associated in the market.
  • Brand positioning: We develop your USP and value proposition for a credible, attractive and differentiating positioning in the market.
  • Brand architecture: We structure your brand and product portfolio and optimize the interaction of your corporate brand with individual or product brands.
  • Brand innovation: We support you in systematizing your innovation process and sustainably increasing your innovative power.
  • Brand principles: We define strategic guidelines for the implementation of your brand strategy and thus the standard for your marketing program.

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Living strategy: We empower you and your employees to live your corporate and brand strategy from the inside out and to integrate it into your everyday life in the form of concrete measures and rituals.

Executive and employee coaching | Brand ambassador programs | Strategy roll-out

Experiencing strategy: We make your strategy tangible and perceptible at all internal and external touchpoints, thus ensuring a consistent brand experience.

Customer Journey Management | Target Group Management | Go-to-Market Strategy | Product and Service Design | Employer Branding | Innovation management

Steering and measuring strategy: We ensure that strategy implementation is regularly measured against specific KPIs and continuously improved in its impact and quality.

Steering committees | Performance monitoring

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Why Grant Thornton?

We combine our clients’ strengths and competencies with current market developments and trends, and thereby open up new business and growth potential for them.

Due to our extensive expertise in the advisory sector and our international network, we offer our clients all-in-one advice from a single source.


Our consulting approach

We develop strategies in close collaboration (coaching, retreats, workshops - analogue & digital) with our clients.

We develop strategies that are data-driven and based on scientific methods and models that can be clearly measured in their implementation.

We develop strategies that are not only dedicated to a specific problem, but offer our customers holistic and longterm solutions.

We are your personal consultant in various strategic issues and are available to you as project and interface managers even beyond the strategy work.