There is a simple way that businesses can create capacity and free up time, increase productivity, reduce costs, improve the customer experience and boost quality at the same time.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software-based technology that mimics a series of activities within and between systems based on a set of instructions typically to complete a process.

RPA can help organisations address one or several frequently encountered process-related challenges:


Process automation offers tangible benefits across all business sectors. RPA delivers the highest value when applied in routine and repetitive processes, transactions or activities coming in large numbers or volumes, work performed across multiple systems (both internal and external) or in cases when supreme quality is essential.

Typical areas include the following back-office segments:

At Grant Thornton Austria we see success in simplicity and with our Simple Automation Services, we help businesses start and succeed with process automation.

We provide know-how in terms of the selection of the most suitable processes for automation (Discovery), creating the business case and calculating the RoI.

Below, let us introduce our process automation implementation methodology in six steps:

Moving into the know-do, we will map the process, identify areas to increase efficiency and programme into the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop platform ready for testing and implementation (Design and Develop).

Our RPA methodology will put you in the driving seat by delivering a tested functional process automation solution in approximately 8 weeks.

Pay us a visit to find out more about what RPA can do for your organisation and get a free process feasibility evaluation.

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