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We were awarded!

M&A Award

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2023 marks Corporate INTL’s 16th Global Awards. The awards commemorate those who have been successful over the past 12 months and who have shown excellence not only in expertise but in service. It marks excellence for the world’s leading advisers and financiers in an array of countries and continents around the globe.

For all awards detailed research via independent research and editorial teams has been undertaken. Then a shortlist of up to 5 potential winners in each category has been created. The shortlisted parties have been carefully scrutinized, with a focus on service type, service range, business type, geographical location, how the business operates and the expertise each team can offer to companies that either trade or may want to trade in their chosen jurisdiction. The shortlisted firms were then reviewed by an independent awards panel in each country with the eventual winners chosen by that independent panel.

We are particularly delighted to announce, that Werner Leiter, Partner at Grant Thornton Austria, has won this year's award for "M&A Tax Adviser of the year in Austria"!

Werner Leiter on winning the award: "I am very happy about the award but of course such a nomination is only possible if you have a strong team and therefore this award is a distinction of the M&A Tax team of Grant Thornton Austria."