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We are still there for you: Organizational information

Considering both the situation at home and abroad, it is our absolute responsibility to reduce any risk of infection and to minimize the consequences for our employees and clients.

As most of our employees are working from home, we have taken the following measures to ensure that you, our valued customers, continue to receive your services on a complete and timely manner:

  • Task Force Covid19: Our experts from across our teams are able to advise and pleased to help you with respect to current and future liquidity planning and assist in planning and conversations with banks and other financing partners. Your contact persons here are Gerda Leimer (T(direct) +43 1 5054313 3128,  and Werner Leiter (T(direct) +43 1 5054313 3114, leader of the Task Force Covid19. They will support you with the above-mentioned topics and introduce you to our relevant specialists.

  • Your Grant Thornton Personal Advisor is still at your disposal by e-mail or company mobile phone. Please direct your enquiries by e-mail or by phone to this person.

  • For international organizations: Andrew Dickson, will assist you with any inquiry and will refer you to our specialists.

  • Our offices will be available for contact through the usual switchboard numbers: +43 1 15054313 (Vienna Hauptbahnhof Station), +43 1 50543133 (Vienna Rivergate), +43 1 979 3519 (Grant Thornton Verax) +43 2622 64088 (Grant Thornton Pfeiffer in Wiener Neustadt).

  • For general enquiries please also feel free to contact us using the office e-mail addresses. Vienna Hauptbahnhof, Rivergate,, Grant Thornton Verax,, and Grant Thornton Pfeiffer,  in Wiener Neustadt. We will deal with your request as quickly as possible and contact you directly if required.

  • All our employees will make every effort to ensure that your request is processed quickly, however, given the unprecedented current situation, we apologize in advance for any possible delays.

  • We kindly ask you to send us your receipts in a scanned electronic format wherever possible. Please coordinate such e-mail correspondence with your contact person in advance. We kindly request you not to bring any receipts to the office or to send by post until further notice.

We wish you and your families the very best for your health. We are confident that - thanks to a clear, responsible and consistent response and set of behaviours from all - we can work towards ensuring that the situation returns to normal as soon as possible.

Your team at Grant Thornton Austria