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Living the purple spirit: 1st Grant Thornton European Football Cup 2023

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From June 2nd to June 3rd Grant Thornton Austria hosted the 1st Grant Thornton European Football Cup 2023 in Vienna. This event will be remembered by all participants for a long time. In addition to the impressive sporting performance, the event emphasized team spirit and networking.

At the 1st Grant Thornton European Football Cup, over 300 participants and 23 teams from 13 countries and 12 member companies showcased remarkable sportsmanship and camaraderie. The tournament featured 14 men's teams and 9 women's teams, culminating in two victorious teams taking home the coveted trophies. The women's and men's teams from Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland & Liechtenstein, and the United Kingdom participated, while Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Hungary were represented by men's teams.

The idea behind the event

Grant Thornton Austria organized the 1st Grant Thornton European Football Cup as a member firm event to foster collaboration, facilitate networking, and bring together employees from different Grant Thornton member firms. The goal was to immerse participants in the vibrant spirit of Grant Thornton through this grand event. Christoph Zimmel, Partner at Grant Thornton Austria and one of the initiators of the event says: "More than just winning, this event was about promoting collaboration, networking, and building a sense of community beyond work. It was about experiencing the vibrant spirit of Grant Thornton firsthand."


Well-deserved winning teams

Amidst thrilling matches, the podium places were contested with great team spirit and fair play. 
The Danish women's and men's teams emerged victorious, securing the first-place positions.

2nd place went to the women's team from Ireland and the men's team from the United Kingdom.

The 3rd place went to the women's team from Switzerland/Liechtenstein and to our two men's teams from Austria.

A big congratulations goes out to the winning teams, and heartfelt gratitude to all the participating member firms for their involvement, making this event truly unforgettable!

Our conclusion

Over 300 colleagues from various European Grant Thornton member firms demonstrated on June 2nd and 3rd that their interests extended far beyond mere victory. Networking, building connections, and relishing two days in an international atmosphere took center stage.

While not every team could claim victory, every participant played a vital role in making this day truly extraordinary! One thing is certain: Everyone who took part captured our hearts.  💜


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