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Global Dynamism Index (GDI)

Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2012

Business growth fundamentals

We believe that dynamic organisations need to apply both reason and instinct to decision making. Deciding which markets your business should operate in is no different.

Developed in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) ranks 50 economies on 22 indicators of dynamism - that is the changes to the economy which have enabled recovery from the 2008-09 economic recession and are likely to lead to a fast rate of future growth.

GDI provides an overall dynamism ranking and also scores economies and regions in five separate categories of dynamism: business operating environment, economics & growth, science & technology, labour & human capital and financing environment. It can help business owners.

To the right hand side of this page you can access the database, report and short presentation. We have also developed a data visualisation tool (opens in new window) which allows you to interrogate the results at the global, regional and economy level.