The rewards of doing business in China are immense, but the risks are real. Businesses should be prepared for challenges in dealing with the government, as well as wider issues.

After having established a company in China, processes need to be optimized, goods sold and the company turned to profit. We at Grant Thornton are your direct partner in Austria, assisting you with the successful implementation of your growth strategies.

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  • Insights: Fapiao, tax filing requirements, etc. We provide insights into relevant Chinese regulations affecting your day to day business in China.
  • Execution: We help coordinate your audits in China and provide advise on cross national tax and customs issues, providing relevant information to support your growth.
  • Advice: We provide day to day advice on questions like insourcing / outsourcing your finance function, transfer pricing requirements, balance sheet date, payment terms, collection records, labor law, effectively controlling your entity vs. having the majorities of shares, tax and social security compliance…
  • Internal Controls: Implementation support on internal control systems
  • Accountings requirements: Old PRC GAAP or new GAAP? International accounting software or local solution? We help you review and understand the financial information received from your Chinese subsidiary and discuss potential focus areas and further action.
  • Benchmark: We can help you benchmark your company’s financial operation in China.

Our Commitment

To provide well informed, understandable and valuable advice to help increase efficiency (free up your time) at headquarter level in dealing with your Chinese subsidiary and to further optimize your operation in China.