The new world of work is characterized by flexible forms of work. More and more employers are enabling their employees to do home office abroad or from their vacation destination. For employers, this poses a number of challenges.

In this webinar, the Global Mobility Experts from Grant Thornton in Austria, Germany and Hungary address a wide range of tax and social security issues for the three countries:

  • Which tax and social security regulations apply?
  • What needs to be considered when complying with tax and social security regulations?
  • If your employees work abroad from their home office or from a swimming pool, coffee house or vacation spot – what needs to be considered in these cases?

Webinar language: English

Time: 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Speaker on the webinar
Julia Saric Bischof Manager and Tax Consultant | Grant Thornton Austria
Christoph Schmidl Partner and Tax Consultant | Grant Thornton Austria
Heike Bathke Global Mobility Service Expert | Grant Thornton Germany
Ádám Pataki Manager Tax | Grant Thornton Hungary

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