Businesses worldwide are facing constant challenges as they try to navigate the wide range of risks involved in complex global markets.

In times defined by uncertainty and threats to organisations, Grant Thornton’s forensic professionals have targeted solutions for difficult challenges. Our discreet professionals combine experience, subject matter knowledge and deep industry expertise across the globe. Our internationally integrated forensic, investigations and litigation teams are adept at uncovering and presenting economic evidence, detecting and deterring fraudulent activity, and supporting companies involved in an existing or pending litigation, alternative dispute resolution proceeding or investigation.

Head of Advisory Ewald Kager

Business risk services

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Despite all the advantages of an increasingly flexible, digital, global and anonymous business world, these developments present certain risks and challenges for entrepreneurs and customers. Risk of fraud and espionage activities as well as data misuse and reputational damage have increadsed, often by the use of digital media.

However, this risk is no longer confined to large corporations and international companies. Austrian companies, especially medium-sized companies, have unique know-how and process technologies in various fields. To protect this know-how and your competitive advantage, Grant Thornton Unitreu offers various services related to the prevention and clarification work of incidents relating to corporate crimes and Forensic Investigation:

Fraud risk assessment

  • Detection and Evaluation of potential fraud risks
  • Prevention and clarification work of corporate crime incidents in your company
  • Evaluation (quantification ) of fraudulent activities including expert opinions

Fraud awareness

  • Seminars and workshops on internal awareness of employees in the context of white-collar crime
  • Support for the introduction and improvement of internal company policies to combat money laundering

Fraud investigations and asset tracing

  • Computer Forensic including storage and analysis of digitized documents
  • (mass) data analysis
  • Determination and presentation of non-standard activities

Due to our specialization in terms of forensic investigation in our international network and our cooperation with various Austrian experts in economic crime and cybercrime in Austria, we can adapt to your individual needs and jointly create customized security concepts with you.

To learn more about our forensic investigation services contact Ewald Kager, our head of advisory services at Grant Thornton Austria.