A careful selection of your business partners, based on comprehensive and accurate information, is essential to the growth strategy of every business.

As business networks expand, the selection of those partners who we conduct business with, becomes increasingly complex and important. Whether it is suppliers, customers or intermediaries, the majority of todays companies deals with various business partners, many of them on cross-border relations.

In particular, the expansion into new markets or countries, bares many risks, which are diverse and often difficult to assess. Additionally, a lack of knowledge of your business partner can result in severe consequences for your business.

Head of Advisory Ewald Kager

Business risk services

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These include, for example:

  • damage to your company's reputation by the conduct of your business partner
  • financial losses due to fraud, bribery or resulting penalties
  • violation of laws or your corporate regulations by your business partner
  • an impact on your operations through misleading information, provided by your business partner in terms of their performance

Against this backdrop, a careful selection of your business partners, based on comprehensive and accurate information, is essential to your growth strategy.

Business Partner Review

Much of the information needed can be obtained by a systematic analysis of publicly available sources. We have developed standardized procedures, which allow us to make results available within a short time frame while minimizing the risk of overlooking important information.

Your advantage

  • our Business Partner Review increases transparency of your business relations and networks and minimizes risks
  • standardized research procedures ensure timely delivery of results, which is critical when confronted with short-term decisions
  • we can provide access to local resources in all major languages through our global network of experts around the world
  • you will receive a detailed report with a structure that allows for an easy integration into your existing compliance system

Additional services

In addition to providing information on your business partners, we can also help with other issues related to business risk services, including:

  • periodic monitoring of your business partners as an early detection mechanism for any changes in your risk position
  • design and implementation of a compliance management system (CMS) to handle your business partner risks
  • mass data analysis within the field of business intelligence to identify complex relationships
  • forensic and IT forensic investigations if fraud is suspected

To learn more about our corporate intelligence services contact Ewald Kager, our head of advisory services at Grant Thornton Austria.