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Incident Response Services

Mastering crises and cyber attacks safely

Cyber attacks are an increasing, but often underestimated threat to businesses. The approach of cyber criminals is becoming increasingly complex and targeted. Attackers pursue different goals and can cause considerable economic damage.

We support you around the clock:

  • Cyber Attack
  • Data loss
  • Economic Crime

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A temporary failure of IT systems, data loss or data theft are among the greatest business risks. Companies that can react adequately to cyber attacks and their possible consequences in complex situations have a clear business advantage. When business operations are disrupted, fast and complete recovery of data, systems and processes while securing digital traces and evidence is a top priority.


Why Grant Thornton Austria?

Our experienced experts support you in reacting quickly to possible cyber attacks by means of Cyber Incident Response. The term "Cyber Incident Response" covers the detection and closure of security gaps, the clarification of attacks, the determination of the damage caused and the tracing of the attacker. In addition, our specialists examine the causes in your IT environment and quantify the extent of damage. On request, our team will also work with your legal counsel, your cyber insurer or the authorities.

Our report contains customized recommendations on how to optimize your IT environment and your organization to be prepared against cyber attacks. Our experts are well-versed in current cybercrime attack patterns, such as malware that infects your storage devices, encrypts them, and then requests funds to unlock them (so-called "ransomware"), or fraudsters who pretend to be members of the executive suite to pressure employees to transfer funds abroad (so-called "fake president fraud" or "fake president").

In the event of a cyber attack, we evaluate:

  • what amount the downtime costs you per day / hour,
  • what operational and economic consequences the data theft will have,
  • the time factors that must be observed in order to minimize further economic damage
  • Measures that are necessary and useful in the event of damage,
  • Concepts with which you can avoid similar incidents in the future. 

Your added value

Our specialists will advise you immediately and effectively on all IT security incidents such as hacker attacks or data loss. The focus is on the immediate closure of security holes, data and system recovery as well as damage assessment and tracing of the attacks. In this way, financial and operational damage can be minimized. 

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