Resetting global tax rules after the pandemic: a primer for businesses
During a prolonged financial crisis, such as the one triggered in 2008-09 by the collapse of the US sub-prime market and the current period of uncertainty
How to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on transfer pricing
In April 2021, around 200 leaders from businesses and tax authorities around the world joined experts from the OECD and Grant Thornton to explore the transfer
International tax reform: the potential impact on the technology industry
Reforms to the international tax framework have been debated and discussed at length in recent years.
Blog.Tax Home Office: Measures 2021
The imposed entry bans to contain the Corona pandemic have turned the work organization of many businesses upside down from one day to the next. Since the
RECOVERY & REORGANISATION Restructuring in Austria
Draft law on the restructuring of companies has become necessary because Austria also has to comply with the implementation of an EU directive for
Corona relief measures Extension of terms for the obligation to file for insolvency
In the course of the Corona Pandemic, insolvency law was alcorona, covid-19so adapted to support companies that went into financial difficulties as a result of
blog.payroll Update on the taxation of foreign employers without a permanent establishment
The Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance has updated the income tax guidelines regarding the taxation of foreign employers without a permanent establishment,
Blog.VAT Clarification on individual questions regarding the temporary reduction of VAT to 5%
In an information letter (GZ 2020-0.457.789 dated 20.07.2020), the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) answered further detailed questions on the temporary
Blog.VAT Update: Temporary introduction of a reduced VAT rate of 5 % from 1 July 2020
The temporary introduction of a 5 % VAT rate for areas particularly affected by COVID-19 was unanimously approved by the National Council on Tuesday, 30 June
Blog.Vat As of 1 July 2020: Temporary introduction of a reduced VAT rate of 5%
In order to support the areas of gastronomy, culture and publications, which are particularly affected by COVID-19, an initiative motion on the temporary
Corona aid measures Covid accompanying measures: Austrian insolvency law
In order to cushion the economic impact of the Corona pandemic, reorganization under insolvency proceedings will be facilitated. In any case, the affected
Recovery & Reorganisation R&R in the light of COVID-19
The health crisis brought by the COVID-19 virus has suddenly paralyzed many sectors of the economies in CEE. The impact will be long-lasting. In these times,
Payroll & Employment Law Coronavirus: Answers to employment law questions
We have compiled some questions about payroll and employment law for you.
Update Brexit Election 2019: A Conservative Government
A Conservative Government has been returned to Westminster. What are the tax implications?
TAX Say goodbye to the arm’s length principle
The G20 has endorsed the The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’S) roadmap for resolving the ‘tax challenges arising from the
Tax A guide to business relocation in Europe
From large multinationals to entrepreneurial businesses, many companies and groups are choosing to relocate part or all of their operations to new territories,


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