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Update short-time work phase III - lockdown regulations

Christoph Schmidl Christoph Schmidl

Due to the renewed "hard" lockdown from November 17, 2020, it has now been announced that the regulations for phase III of short-time work will be adapted. The revised guideline has not yet been published. The following summary is therefore based on the announcements made by the Austrian government to date:

  • In those industries that are directly affected by the lockdown, it should be possible to reduce work performance to 0% during the lockdown.
  • In those industries that are indirectly affected by the lockdown, a reduction in working hours below 30% must be made up for in the following months.
  • Requests to change working hours to below 30% should be possible retroactively.
  • A confirmation of the economic justification by a tax advisor/auditor can be omitted if the companies are directly affected by the lockdown or if short-time work is only applied for during the period of the lockdown.
  • Applications for short-time work from 1.11.2020 onwards are possible retroactively until the end of the lockdown.
  • For apprentices, the obligation to undergo further training is waived for the period of the lockdown.
  • A bonus of € 100.00 net as a tip reimbursement is to be paid to employees in the restaurant and hotel industry as well as to employees in the cosmetics, hairdressing and massage sectors.

If you have any further questions about short-time work, please contact our expert Christoph Schmidl.