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Transparency report

As part of our continuing focus on transparency, this report is designed to help our many stakeholders (including member firm clients, audit committees, regulators and the general public) to understand our global organisation of member firms.

As an auditing company that carries out audits of public interest entities, the Grant Thornton Austria Group publishes a yearly transparency report.

This way, we meet the legal requirements to inform the public comprehensively about our company each year.

Auditors and audit firms are required under § 55 of the Austrian Auditor Oversight Act (APAG) and Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No. 537/2014 to publish a transparency report on their website every year - no later than four months after the end of the fiscal year - provided they carry out at least one audit of a public-interest entity per year.

The transparency report mainly contains information on the company and management structure and on our international Grant Thornton network. It also includes information about our internal quality assurance system and the measures we take to maintain the independence of our company and our employees. Further contents are regulated in Article 13 (2) of Regulation (EU) No. 537/2014.

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